New Payment Options

 It's now easier than ever to hire The Green Asterisk to manage your social media accounts. If you head over to the Social Media section of the website you'll see that I've integrated PayPal buttons to every option that has been there (except for the options where you'll need to book a specific time). If you're interested in hiring The Green Asterisk for your social media management, click whichever button corresponds to the services you want, and you can immediately pay even if you don't have a PayPal account. If the option you choose is a monthly charge, you will be signed up for a subscription and you will be automatically charged every month until you cancel. You can even choose PayPal Credit if you want to pay for it later. After you make your payment, I will get in contact with you to get details about your accounts and what kind of content you're looking for. It's that easy! If you or anyone you know are looking for social media management, The G

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