Herbalism and Potion-Making in Dungeons and Dragons

One of my players, a cleric, insists on being able to pick flowers and herbs along their journey to use in a recipe to make healing potions. The DM Guide is pretty clear that making healing potions costs 25 GP and 8 hours per day, a minimum of two days depending on the rarity of the healing potion (DMG ch6), but it doesn't go into the specifics of what this gold is supposed to be spent on. I run a game that is mildly  homebrew (in that it's my own story with a few of my own non-official elements) but is careful to follow as close to the official rules as possible. I also like to craft stories that are similar enough to reality that they can somehow make sense even if they're magical. So I looked into how people in Days of Yore™ healed their wounds and learned all about poultices.

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