Ode to the Gnome

In this episode Josh's band, Tragety, tunes up for the battle of the bands while Jose does the unspeakable! Watch out!


  1. just_lovin_jesus3/28/06, 11:37 PM

    hey i like your work. im not a great fan of some of the animation on the internet but suprisingly i like yours. Well you kinda had it easy using the sims thing but the story is interesting and diffrent and i like it. i mean who would love a story with a phsyco lawn gnome. Anyway i thought the song was a bit sad cause it was basicly repeating but it wasnt bad. Im not a great crittic so do take me to seriously or anything. Enough rambling and i cant wait for the next section.

  2. FaR sTrEeT lOvEr10/24/06, 8:22 PM

    The gnome thing is so awsome. I love the show. its like my favorite show! you really should get more episodes. the episodes are short so it wont take a while to watch them all. after you watch them all, you have to watch the same episodes over and over which gets really boring. so...yea. make more episodes. i e-mailed you with the subject being somewhat like this. the point is, make more episodes.


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