"Titanic" director: digital cinema will save biz | Reuters.com

"Titanic" director: digital cinema will save biz | Reuters.com

This is very interesting to me. For those who are too lazy to click the link, basically James Cameron is saying that Hollywood needs to make 3-D movies in order to save their industry from piracy and, no doubt, the rising threat of independants. Titanic, King Kong, The Lord of the Rings, and even Star Wars are just some of the movies that are planning a 3-D release some time in the future.

Cameron is saying what the people in Hollywood and the industry at large who don't control the money have been saying all along: "Movies need to be innovative." Not just movies, in fact, but music, stage plays - art as a whole, in order for people to want to see it, needs to be innovative.

The problem is the people with the money who want to be "safe" and protect their investment. They want to stick to tried and true methods and let the eccentric directors with money ::coughcoughlucascoughcough:: bring success to their own innovations in order to ride on their coat tails.

So, what does this mean for movies? Well, 3-D has been a theme park attraction for quite some time. I don't think people will be as impressed with it as something bigger . . . something that doesn't require glasses . . . something holographic. A holodeck would be nice. But it's far away. For now I predict 3-D will have its time. It will be a fad like it was in the fifties. All the biggist and most fantastical movies will have their stint in 3-D magic. But the fact remains this: movie technology means nothing without a solid story. Movies have come out in color for several decades now, but Citizen Kane is still considered the best.

. . . Which reminds me . . . I have to get writing. Later!