Why Slow and Steady Wins the Race in Social Media

A lot of the times, new business pop up and their owners are so excited about this new venture that they think they need to see quick growth on social media. This mindset may lead them to make some rash decisions such as buying followers or spending too much on ads. And it may look impressive to investors to have gained over 1,000 followers in under a month, but savvy investors know there's more to it than that. And the day-to-day consumer probably won't even pay attention.

Let's get this out of the way right at the front: Do not buy followers. No one knows for sure, but it's estimated that about 15% of social media accounts are bots. That's 15% of about 3 billion. So, if you had every bot on Twitter following you, it would bring your follower count up to about 450 million. Sounds impressive, right? It does right up until you realize that bots aren't buying your products or telling any real people about you. You could make the case that the high number of foll…

Busy Days

Sorry, guys, but this month's Far Street episode might be a little delayed due to me having a bunch of stuff to do. The voices have been captured, and usually I would start capturing video this weekend, but . . . there's this girl. Apparently she can't drive for 20 hours from Illinois to Florida on her own, so I'm catching a plane tonight to help her drive down.

So I'll do it next week, right? Wrong. Well, I'll probably do some of it, but after doing video stuff for the church in Tampa that Thursday and Friday I'll be sticking around to visit a friend I haven't seen in a very long time, Andyshire.

So, the next week? Well, we'll see. I had planned on moving to my new place at that time. But since the guy who took over my current lease isn't coming until August 14th, I guess I can put that off for a while.

And even when I do get the video all together then I'll have to wait for Becky to do the score!

Don't worry, though - the episode after this one will be quick and easy. It'll be another musical one. Hint hint ;-)

Soon I'll be closing out this season and taking a bit longer of a break before I start the second season. Of course these are called "seasons" loosely. Maybe they're more like "Volumes." Leave me a comment and tell me wether I should stick with calling them "Seasons" or change it to "Volumes" on the webpage. That's too complicated a decision to make on my own.


  1. Excuse me! It's not that I can't drive by myself. It's that I would strongly prefer not to. (And it appears to be ill-advised based on the relief I hear in people's voices when I tell them you're helping me drive down.)

    You get here in less than five hours. :-) A bientot, mon copain.

  2. Not to do* so*. Sorry. I forgot to whom I was talking. :-D

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