Order number Ten comin up!

I have been overwhelmed by the positive response toward Far Street on Google Video. Kindda dissapointed that they didn't comment on The Kerussopolis in the Far Street section, but you can't win 'em all. As long as they're comenting. Besides, Google gives you the ability to rate the videos. And that's a good thing! Sure, some of the videos only have one or two ratings, but a few of them have a little more. Episode 1 has 13 ratings and it's 4.5 stars!

Well, to those who keep on waiting for a new episode and seem to have to wait forever, I'm truely sorry. I could very easily shift the blame, but the fact is . . I already have. And she's paying me not to.

But take heart! Episode Ten is on the horrizon. The stage is set, the extra characters are made and the dialog is recorded! I have officially changed the grouping name of these episodes to "Volume" instead of "Season" since they haven't been coming out as regularly as I'd hoped. But be assured that this one will be worked on as much as possible.

. . . If I only didn't have to worry about an actual job . . .


  1. JOBs are rough... but its money...cant complain about that...unless... you are overworked and underpaid!!!

  2. Wait, what?! This isn't my fault this time!


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