Woohoo! I'm real excited about the new Kerussopolis. It's shaping up to be something pretty cool. If you came through the front door then you definitely noticed the new look. We haven't transferred that look to the movies and far street pages just because in order to get it the way I want it to look requires a certain amount of programming that Becky has to get to.

After all the functionality is in place, we'll start working on a log-in feature so you can register on the Kerussopolis to automatically post comments on episodes and movies and showcase your own artwork.

And I'm sure you've noticed the Games section. I've gotten together with a fellow Full Sail grad, Scott, who came out of the game development program and asked him to come up with a few games for my humble site. So, obviously, these games are still under development, but once they're finished I know they'll be quite enjoyable. Maybe Becky'll jump in on the game developing action, too. Either way, this section will probably take a while to develop. Keep coming back to see when we have some time-wasters available for you to play! As an added bonus, when both the games and the log-in features are ready there will be stats from other users to which you may attain!

So, yeah, this is all very exciting. Now if I could just get Becky out of Azeroth.