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Sorry I haven't posted in a while but it's been a busy month. Lots of stuff going on at work for Christmas and I've even got a side project for Kerusso I'm excited about, but is a monster to get together. More on that later.

For now I'd like to highlight something I found on digg that was actually good for Christians. To catch people up to speed, and to generally entertain the masses, here's a "I'm a Mac" commercial for you to watch:

I'm a fan of Macs. I haven't had one in quite some time, but I look forward to one day having the money to get one. I really want a MacBook Pro. Those things look awesome. I'll tell you what I like even more, though - the fact that when I die I'm going to heaven. Might sound boring just to say it, but if heaven is eternal bliss, it'll be like a Mac interface with a Linux price. But for now we have to live with people who don't think as much about the future as they do about "the rules."

This video was produced by Community Christian Church, has a couple other ones to accompany it and has hi-res versions available for purchase if you wanna show your church.

Now, usually I'm not all for Christians copying regular commercials or TV shows or movies in order to make a point. I'm a big fan of being creative on your own. But in this case, pretty much everyone has their own "I'm a Mac" parody on YouTube, so what's one more to add to this mix? Especially one that has been so well done.

Well, that's it for today. I'll have some better blog posts along with site updates later once the Christmas season is done. December should be renamed to Christmas . . .

Supplemental: 12/8/06 3:27pm There seems to be an air of controversy in Christian circles surrounding these videos that I wasn't aware of until I posted about them. Let's be clear - publicly criticizing and humiliating someone's worship style is not cool. However, when it comes to criticism I believe you have to fight fire with fire. People like the "Christian" in this video have been notorious for judging people like the "Christ follower," and while I don't believe judgmental humiliation is the way to go, a simple, tongue-in-cheek video that exposes their Pharisaical legalism is just enough to make them aware of it so that if they are open to changing they will.

I would also like to make this very clear: criticizing worship style is not cool. Criticizing legalism and judgmentalism (is that a word?) is not only essential, but, according to the gospels, is Christ-like. Now, no one is saying that when your worship style is conservative that you're automatically legalistic and judgmental. No one is saying that the "Christian" in this video represents all who worship conservatively, either. I think these videos, like Christ Himself, expose the Pharisees and call for something a little more righteous. If Christ called them vial serpents, then there can't be anything wrong with a little name-calling here and there.

::shrug:: But maybe that's just me.


  1. First, let me say that I'm the found that found that and showed it to you. Second, those are hilarious, and I would LOVE it if my church showed something like that. But ha. Yeah, right.

  2. I have a different take. I like CCC of Naperville, it's a good place, but I think they're off-base here, because this appears condescending. Hey, I agree with the sentiment. Unfortunately it appears mostly judgmental and rude.

    Here's my take:

  3. You can see my thoughts on those videos on my blog or my video response on Godtube.


    God Bless,



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