Merry Christmas!

So I found some Christmas online games that can be sent as eCards. Now, normally I wouldn't really care for cheesy holiday pseudo-games, but who doesn't like to toss an elf?! It took me a couple tries to figure this game out, but it's pretty addictive. You have to press and hold the space bar or the mouse button just before they reach the frozen lake, holding the button will bring up an angle meter, let go when it's at the desired angle and watch your elf fly!

Some other games are Gingerbread Hangman (not the gumdrop buttons!!), Santa's Snow Run (snowboarding Santa?), The Catch a Snowflake Game (for those who, like me, find themselves in an environment hostile to snowflakes), and The Great Santa Game (presents were never so hard to get).

These cards are free. Usually a Blue Mountain subscription is $13.99 per year. I guess they're all in the Christmas spirit 'cause usually free eCards suck, but I like these ones. It makes me consider the 30-day trial . . .