She Said "Yeah, ok, I guess."

Becky woke up yesterday morning to the sight of a ring tied around her kitty's neck with a ribbon. She then spent ten minutes in bed trying to figure out what she was going to say before popping her head out of her door and seeing me on her couch. Well, after I promised her a lifetime of free cookies she finally faced her fears of commitment and consented. We haven't set an exact date yet, but we're thinking sometime next October, just before her lease is up. So keep October free! Plan a trip to Florida for the fall!

Steve: Seems like I should say more.
Becky: Tell them how amazing I am and how lucky you are.
Steve: . . .


  1. real hoopy froode.
    cats, they taste like chicken.
    if becky needs any recipies, just ask "powder", he can let me know.


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