The Chasco Fiesta

I'm not really much of a parade person, but I haven't been to one in a long time and Becky was willing to join my family on a trip to the Chasco Fiesta, so I came along. Look at all the beads she got! And that was only one of several pirate ship floats. What's with that? I mean, I know pirates are cool, and all, but I don't remember any stories about them parading down the town square unless they were raping and pillaging.

I'm really not sure what the whole Fiesta is all about. I'm sure it's all explained in the link I gave, but I haven't actually been to the page. All I know is that, after two and a half hours sitting out in the sun I remembered why I don't generally like parades. Why can't we have one in the Florida winter or the Illinois spring? Why does a parade always have to take place in a HOT climate?

EDIT: Oh yeah! I remember a parade that doesn't take place in a hot climate! It takes place at night when the sun isn't blaring down at everyone. The beads reminded me of it. Mardi Gras!