How Much Do You Love Me? I'll Pay You! is a blog marketing site that lets you pick opportunities that advertisers have posted there to blog about and pays you according the parameters set in the opportunity. I've used it once or twice, but most of the opportunities were either about stuff I didn't care about or required that my blog was cooler than it is. However, has a cool new feature that doesn't require that I give an opinion about anything! In fact, it's looking for your opinion.

You'll notice from now on that there is a little graphic at the end of many posts asking if you want to review any particular post of mine. But that's not all! You also get paid for it! I'm not sure how much you get paid, but basically the graphic takes you to, asks you to sign up and give them your payment information, you tell them where you reviewed my post and they'll take a look at it and pay you accordingly. Cool eh?

I've already gone through most of my review-worthy posts and put a link on them. You can find most of them in the religion related section and maybe one or two in the real news section. So go on! You're a click away for getting paid to tell the world how much I rule. Or suck. Depending on your point of view.