Bloggin for Gold

So, there are finally some blog awards - ya know, like, Emmys or Oscars, but for Blogs. It was bound to happen. Anything that's of any cultural merit eventually reaches award status weather it deserves it or not. With categories like "Hottest Mommy Blogger," who could resist? And "Most Obnoxious blogger"? I don't know . . . I don't read obnoxious blogs.

I'm sure I won't win anything. It's hard enough just getting this blog up to PageRank 1. But if you want to nominate me, I'm not gonna stop you. I might just go over there and vote for Wil Wheaton. But he's probably too busy playing with his valuable Star Trek memorabilia and playing poker to accept the award.

Speaking of Wesl- . . . I mean Wil, does anyone know if he does movies? I want him to be in one of mine . . . but I'm too aware of my unworthiness to actually write an email and ask him. I know he's done voice work for various video games and cartoons, but I'm not sure of his live-action career anymore. Oh well. Just a thought. If anyone does get the gumption to ask him for me, tell him it will have nothing to do with Star Trek (aside from maybe an inside joke or two), but more to do with his internet stardom.