Good Deals or Clever Marketing?

I often times catch myself drooling over the stuff at the Apple Store. Unfortunately, I'm currently broke. It's nice to know that when I do get money I don't have to spend it all at the same time. There are usually some coupon codes I can use to get the job done. Wait a minute . . . a coupon for free shipping and free engraving on all iPod orders?? I got that anyway without a coupon code!

I'm starting to wonder what coupons are really all about . . . maybe it's just a clever advertising scheme. I saw a coupon for a pizza the other day with a particular price on it - I ordered the pizza online and the end total was exactly that amount without the coupon.

Well, at least some of the deals and coupons on that page seem to be legitimate. Nothing for a MacBook Pro, though. My kingdom for $4,500.

They've also got dell coupons, amazon coupons codes, travelocity deals, etc. Good stuff.