Google: Not Just Searching for Websites Anymore

Official Google Blog: Snakes in a plain... old... office building!

In a landmark decision for the multi-billion dollar company, executives have decided not only to search for websites, but added snakes to their itinerary.

"We feel snakes have a lot in common with Google," said Sergei Brin, co-founder of the search company. "For one thing, they're totally cool and popular with our main demographic. Also, you'll rarely find us on a plane, but if you do it'll take Samuel L. Friggin Jackson to get us out!"

Mr. Brin went on to describe the innovative ways in which snakes search for their prey. They use methods that, to the average animal, seem absolutely innovative and highly sophisticated. "We like to think," he said, "that if snakes had fingers and a keyboard, they'd use Google."

. . . no, but, really, a pet snake got loose in the Google offices in New York and they had to search for it. Pretty funny.