The Kerusso Music Store

Just in case my recent Digg victory happened to catch a few more readers, I thought I'd take this opportunity to re-hype a little-known feature of Kerusso Productions. Rebekah Blackmon, my fiancee, is not only a genius programmer (she has done most . . . ok, all of the PHP and Javascript programming on this site), but she is also a composer of beautiful instrumental music. You can hear her work in many of the episodes of Far Street, but by far her most impressive works have come from her own mind in her own moments of inspiration. These pieces are available for you to buy and download at our Kerusso Music Store. Until recently, there hasn't been a link to this store. This is my fault and I gladly take the flogging for it. But now there is one on the front page and on every page of the Kerusso Store. Go at least take a look - there are free samples available.