2015 is Almost Here and I Don't Have a Hover-Board

Well, it's getting closer and closer to 2015 and and we have a lot of catching up to do if we're going to make Steven Spielberg's vision come true. Which vision, you ask? That of Back to the Future, part 2.

What's missing?
  • Hover-conversion wheels
  • Dust repellent paper
  • Immersive holo-technology
  • Self-drying, size-adjusting jackets
  • Hover-boards (with or without power)
  • Sky-rocketed inflation (which, I guess, isn't such a bad thing. Although, prices have gone up since 1985)
  • On-the-scene, journalistic hover-cameras
  • Weather control
  • Viable bionic implants
What do we not necessarily want anymore?
  • Large-screen video phones. May have been a good idea at the time, but it hasn't really caught on. Maybe in business conferencing circles, but the average user doesn't really use video chat in average use, whether it's on the Internet or a phone device. I'm including in this the video goggles that Marty's daughter seemed to have.
  • Fax machines. Yes, this is a dying breed. BttF2 included a fax machine in every room of the McFly household. The sad truth is that the average person doesn't have a fax machine at all. If they do it's at their office, and if they happen to have one at home, they have only one.
  • Bi-Ties. I don't know their official names, but this is what I call them. The kind of tie that old Marty wore in the future. It had two knots and two tails coming down off the collar. I'm really not sure why they thought this looked good. Then again, it was the 80's.
  • Inside-out pants pockets. This fad never really caught on, I guess. Of course, who wants to look like they're broke?
What we're working on.
  • Video games that don't require hands. Yep. Believe it or not. It may not be a viable video game technology until about 2020, and even then don't expect Nintendo or Sony to jump on it right away. So it may be a little late, but it's a step in the right direction.
  • Self-sizing shoes. Heck yeah. Those cool shoes Marty wore in the future? Yeah, someone's working on that. McFly 2015 is a grassroots movement to get Nike to produce the same shoes that Marty wore in the movie for the general public. I know I signed the petition!
  • Mr. Fusion. Think I'm lying? Ok, so it likely won't be the size of a coffee machine any time soon, but, like the mental video games, it's a step in the right direction (thanks Anonymous commenter! This was added late, but it was too exciting to leave buried down in all those comments.)
Is there something I'm forgetting? Post a comment and let me know. personally, I'm just psyched about the shoes! Well, the thought controlled video games, too. That'd be awesome. Not to mention it would drop the Wii like a dead fly.

Remember! The future isn't written yet! It is what you make of it! Corney? Yes. But I like to think that with every bit of wisdom there is a pinch of corn.

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