Hello? Anybody home?

I'm going to quell all theories right now. I haven't been ignoring my blog because I'm dead (obviously). I haven't been ignoring my blog because I decided to live without electricity (God forbid!!). I haven't been ignoring my blog because I've been too busy drooling over the iPhone or seeing too many movies (because I get them for free at the theater at which I work).

I've been ignoring my blog because, honestly nothing much has been happening. I mean, sure, I've been contacted by the editor of a Christian online magazine to do a column for them. And, sure, I've been asked to write several screenplays for a director buddy of mine, one of which will likely star Dennis Quaid. And, yes, it's possible that I might find myself represented by this same director's agent some time in the future.

But, really, besides that, there's nothing going on. My life is pretty boring right now. ;-)

(PS - an update on all these things will be provided as more information comes)

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