Hover-board Coming Soon!!

This is very important! Very . . . very important! And not just because I'm using italics, but because I'm also using BOLD AND CAPS.


Why? Because 2015 is almost here and I don't have a hover-board!

According to FoxNews.com
A natural force which causes tiny particles to stick to one another has been reversed by scientists, effectively enabling them to create a type of levitation.

The "Casimir force," which is sometimes referred to as a "sticky quantum" force, makes very small "nanoparticles" attract one another. One example of it is a gecko's ability to stick to any surface with one toe.

A pair of physicists at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have discovered a way to reverse the force, meaning that they can make small objects repel, rather than attract, one another in a vacuum.
Do I even have to tell you how exciting that is to any kind of sci-fi fan?? For years we've been trying to find a way to fly that's easier than catching wind and the University of St. Andrews is getting close!

Maybe I'm being a little geeky about this. Maybe it's far, far away from being marketable. But, seriously, is there anyone in the world who would not like to play around with something that floats on its own without magnetism and without air-lift? This is awesome!

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