Memory Walk

All around America the Alzheimer's Association is doing a Memory Walk in whatever city signs up for it. It's pretty much the biggest event they hold to raise awareness and funds for finding a cure and giving support and care to those who already have it. In addition to helping people out, though, if you sign up you can win a free trip to Vegas! 'Cause, ya know . . . what happens in Vegas . . . is forgotten.

I'm sorry, that was terrible. Anyway, take a look at it and sign up to be a Team Captain if you think you can coordinate a walk in your own home town.

This disease is especially close to my family because not long ago my mother's father died from Alzheimer's. In the last few years of his life it was very painful to my mother and hers to visit him at the old folks home where he never recognized even the most beloved members of his family. Years ago he was a rambunctious old guy who played tricks on me and was always working on some kind of project. If you do this Memory Walk for anyone, do it in memory of my Paw Paw. Thanks!

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  1. don't forget yourself! That's what "did in" your Grandfather.


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