Ben Stein's Clear Eyes on Intelligent Design

Have dry, red eyes after hours of debate with an evolutionist? Cleareyes is awesome... Wow...

But seriously: Ben Stein is doing a movie supporting Intelligent Design! Now, I should say that nothing I've read yet on the website says that Ben actually supports the theory that God created the universe, but the movie is a documentary on the fact that "Big Science" has suppressed new ideas about Intelligent Design and have even fired people and otherwise punished them just for questioning Darwinism. Here's something from the website - it's a letter from the "principal of Big Science University":
At Big Science Academy we take our motto seriously: “No Intelligence Allowed.”
And this year, we are proud to report that in every subject but Science, students and faculty are free to challenge ideas, and seek truth wherever it may lead.

But Science is different. In Science, there is no room for dissent, for dissent is dangerous. That is why we at Big Science simply refuse to allow it. Like dancing, “dissent” can lead to other things.

As Class President Richard Dawkins put it so well: “Shut up!”

As you know…last year we had the misfortune of “presupposition of design” rearing its ugly head, with several students challenging Neo-Darwinian materialism, and arguing incessantly for the right to examine Intelligent Design.

They were all Expelled, of course – but still: it just goes to show where academic freedom can lead, if not shut down immediately!


Charles Darwin
Principal, President, Admissions and Diversity Affairs Officer,
Big Science Academy “No Intelligence Allowed”
A personality like Ben Stein is just what we need to spur on this campaign. His dry whit and propensity to be considered intelligent is a welcome replacement for the image of the stereotypical screaming red-neck that Intelligent Design currently suffers from in the Darwinian community. Go Ben!

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