At the Movies

2008 is a wonderful year for the geeky movie enthusiast. Indiana Jones is coming out with a new movie, there will be Hellboy II, Wall-E, The Dark Knight, J.J. Abrams' remix of Star Trek and, from the same guy, the movie that first played at 12 tonight, Cloverfield.

I was planning on seeing it, but, unfortunately, I was asked to stay longer at work than I was supposed to. I did, however, see all the people who came to see it. Never have I ever seen such a glorious gathering of geeks! They poked their heads out of their basements and dragged themselves away from Azeroth just to see what the heck was attacking New York this time. I whispered to the concessionest working next to me, "Know how you could make a loud noise? Yell out 'CLAP IF YOU PLAY WORLD OF WARCAFT!'"

Also, earlier that day there was a kid who walked in wearing a t-shirt that said "For the Horde." He left his iPod in the movie he was seeing (Sweeny Todd, also a good geek movie) and came back to find it in the lost-and-found. When he thanked me for returning it I was obligated to say "Anything for a fellow Horde."

Anyway, this night at the movies inspired me. All it takes to bring geeks together in real life is a dark, impersonal room with loud noises and flashy images. Therefore, all this year I will go see the very first showing (provided I'm not working at the time) of every geek-interest movie and post a review directly following. I regret that I was unable to see Cloverfield's first showing, but I will be waking up early tomorrow (about 11:00am...) rolling out of bed and into the theater to see the first showing of the day. Until then, I am avoiding everything possibly having to do with it (sorry,

2008 will be great!