Which Wil Wheaton??

If you know me well enough you know that I have a thousand script ideas floating around in my computer and in my head. One of these includes a part that I specifically would like to be played by Wil Wheaton. The only problem is getting in touch with the guy. Fortunately, Ben, the director with whom I am climbing the film ranks, has IMDB Pro which lists agent information. So I shot him an email that went relatively something like this:

"Hey, quick question... I have a script for which I would like a specific actor to play one of the lead rolls and I think that if I get him excited about it (which would be pretty easy since the subject matter is right up his ally) then he could possibly help me (us?) take it all the way. Do you happen to know of a way I could contact Wil Wheaton or his agent?"

A few minutes later he signed onto Google Talk with an astonishing reply: "Which Wil Wheaton?" he asked.

"Which Wil Wheaton?!" I said, exasperated. "The only one that's awesome! Star Trek's Wesley Crusher!" I didn't even know there were any other Wil Wheatons out there...

"Oh - lol" he laughed, "that's what I thought." He then proceeded to email me Wil's agent's mailing and email address from IMDB Pro.

The script to which I am referring, which combines a solid epic storyline with pirates, ninjas, cats with bad grammar, and other various Internet memes, is, needless to say, the l33test thing that will ever be shown on the screen and Wil's devotion to geekhood and the Internet will match perfectly. I was going to ask Ben to direct, but if he doesn't automatically know which Wil Wheaton I'm talking about, then... I dunno...

Regardless, the script is not finished. I won't be contacting anyone until that happens. Unless... perchance... Wil catches a glimpse of this post and contacts me about the script... perchance...

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