My power went out so...

My power went out so I'm updating the video phone via I just wanted to update that I added a little note on the side that allows you to contact me via Google talk even if you don't have Google talk. You can click on chat with Steve Beaudry(?) when you see that I'm online and available and it'll contact me right away and I'll be able to talk to you. So, talk to me soon, that's it. listen

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Wow, I guess Jott has a few kinks to work out in their speech-to-text program. You can hear what I'm saying pretty clearly in the audio link, but, to be clear, I don't have a video phone and it's, not "The video" was supposed to be "via"... dunno how that happened.

Anyway, the point is that this chat feature that Google Talk added is what I've wanted ever since they introduced the Talk Gadget. Click to talk to me and you don't even have to log on to Google Talk - you just start a chat with me. Cool, eh?