The Mummy III?

Why It's a Geek Movie
Wait a minute... is it a geek movie? Sure it's got mummies... and it's pretty out there with the imagination factor... But when it comes right down to it, is this a movie that geeks will appreciate?

The whole Mummy series of movies is, at its heart, an action series. The whole mummy concept is just an excuse to get Brendon Frasier to run around a lot and shoot lots of bullets. To be fair, he does that pretty well. But in each movie they sacrifice character development for action and lame attempts at comedy.

I'm gonna say this one is kind of a geek movie. Because there's magic and mummies and yeti. But in the long run, this is probably a movie that mostly the rest of the general public will enjoy more than the geeks.

So, since it's not fully a geek movie I won't do a full review of it. But suffice it to say, I'd recommend seeing it if you like seeing Brendon Frasier run around a lot and shoot a lot of bullets.


  1. Sounds like Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was a lot of what most people expected... I can't help thinking that Brendan Frasier tries too hard


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