It's been slow on the geek movie front. Well, it's been slow on the move front in general, but especially on the geek movie front.

I just watched a trailer for Oliver Stone's movie W. It's about the life of one George Walker Bush. Guess who plays his dad, H.W....

That Guy!

The trailer is confusing. It doesn't really come right out with the point Stone is trying to make. It doesn't say if George became a good president. All it really says is that when he was younger he was pretty much a drunken red-neck fool. So... you can probably extrapolate a point from that beginning.

Anyway, geeks seem to be into politics now-a-days. At least they all are on Digg. It seems to be the type of thing that involves a lot of research and intelligence to get into. So, what do you think? Can W. be considered a geek movie? Post your comments below and cast your vote to the right.