Max Payne: Shoot Random People = Video Game

I'll confess that I never played the video game, but I can see how this movie came from video game inspiration.  Max Payne is a detective who is unofficially investigating the murder of his wife and child.  While investigating this murder, he murders several other people who just happen to get in his way.  Kinda like when you're walking down a dark hallway in a video game and something pops up so your gut reaction is to shoot it.  Yeah.  Makes for some good action, I guess.  But it doesn't really make you like the guy.

I guess he's not trying to be liked, though.  He's just trying to catch the guy who killed his wife without going crazy in the process.  A valiant purpose... but a terrible execution for a detective in the New York Police Department.  He was framed for one crime, but there is AMPLE evidence to suggest that he'd commited MANY other crimes that were never even sniffed at by the department.

But I guess that's neither here nor there.  Max Payne is a mindless action movie.  I don't know about the game.  I would probably like it.  And in fact Max Payne was quite entertaining in its own way.  But sometimes you want steak... and all you get is a mint.

Still... it's better than Alone in the Dark.