Pushing Coraline

I saw Dakota Fanning twice today. Once she was animated, and in the other movie she was telling the future. Guess which one I liked better.

I hope you didn't actually guess, because, to tell the truth, I can't decide either.

The choice is between Push and Coraline. Push is about people with super-human abilities trying to run from those people who would run experiments on them. Not a very original concept. It's done in Heroes and X-Men. If I were Dakota's character i would predict a short life for that movie.

Coraline is a stop-motion animation movie (that, sadly, I didn't get to see in 3-D) about a young girl who finds an alternate reality in her house run by a spiderly lady who wants to suck the life out of her. I have to confess that this seems to be a completely original concept and Nightmare Before Christmas-type cinematography gives it a thumbs up in my book.

So I guess Coraline was better. But I still enjoyed the action in Push. Action will only get you so far. As soon as Dakota Fanning tells you that the future changes, you know nothing she says means squat and that you can pretty much predict your own ending to the movie. Which I did. Quite easily.

Coraline is looking better and better. It's a complete fantasy world where absolutely anything can happen. The spiderly lady wants Coraline to stay in the fantasy world so she can live off her life force, but in order to do that Coraline needs to take out her eyes and replace them with buttons. This leads to Coraline trying to get away from the lady and you have no idea how she's going to do that especially since you don't know what the spiderly lady is going to throw at her next.

In Push you had a bunch of super-powered people running around trying to find something and... succeeding! OMG! They did it!... mhmm. Oh, look, that guy used his mind-controlling powers to turn the tables. Of course. And there are flashbacks. To scenes that happened 15 minutes ago.

So! What can we say about Dakota Fanning's career? Coraline was a good move, Push was a bad one. One thing's for sure: that girl sure has grown up.