Terminator Salvation

The Terminator series has always been about robots blowing stuff up. But it had always previously been about robots blowing stuff up in a world dominated by humans. Now it's about humans surviving in a world dominated by robots blowing up stuff.

They did this well. I was pretty much on the edge of my seat wondering who, if anyone, was going to survive. I was pretty sure John Connor and his teen-aged dad was going to live, but we learned from Star Trek that when people change the past anything is possible.

Which reminds me, it was pretty interesting to see Anton Yelchin in another movie about a couple people going back in time trying to change future events. Now we just have to get him to play the son of Marty McFly in a new 2015 Back to the Future movie and his trilogy will be complete.

Christian Bale seemed a bit pained in this movie. It may have been on purpose, but every word he spoke sounded like a grunt. Not in a Batman way where he was purposely disguising his voice, but more in a way where he's trying to pass a kidney stone or something...

Ok, all that out of the way - the acting, the awesome graphics, the action - how was the story? Marcus Wright is pretty much the focus of this story. And I'm not giving any major spoilers by saying he's a terminator/human hybrid. The plot of the movie took viewers on a thoughtful journey through the difference between man and machine. Through all the action and all the stuff blowing up, they subtly put pieces of the puzzle throughout that you didn't know where pieces until at the end Christian Bale gives a poignant monologue about the human heart. The moral of the story was very well done because it didn't detract from the action and the action didn't detract from the story. It wasn't so much that it was balanced, but action TOLD the story like the story gave MEANING to the action. It wasn't balanced, it was infused.

BTW, this is important: Arnold isn't in the movie. The image of a younger Arnold is. CGI is just so awesome now-a-days.

Your favorite lines are there, skillfully woven into the tapestry. "I'll be back," was maybe a little contrived, but it still made sense. All-in-all this was a very engaging movie worthy of the Terminator franchise. It doesn't necessarily excel expectations, but expectations were pretty high, anyway. Go to the theater this weekend and enjoy!


  1. I agree with your review :) I thought they did a great job with the atmosphere with the cinematography and camera work. I liked the story, but it was way less epic than I thought it would be based on the trailer. Oh well, good movie just nothing that will change the genre.


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