Burton's Wonderland

I heard about Tim Burton doing an Alice in Wonderland quite a while ago. Of course Mr. Depp was first choice for the Mad Hatter. But images are just now coming out via USA Today of his concept art for the movie. It will be a sequel of the original story with Alice having grown up to the age of 17. She finds out that some guy is going to propose to her, so she runs away where the White Rabbit finds her and brings her down his rabbit hole once more to a land she doesn't remember at all.

The creatures of Wonderland, who used to live in a peaceful kingdom until the Red Queen took over, are ready to revolt and they want Alice to help them (since she did such a wonderful job the first time around). I assume they want to give power back to the White Queen who is Anne Hathaway in an "eccentric," "over-the-top" roll. In stead of walking, the White Queen hovers around.

Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway is the White Queen and the part of the Red Queen is played by another Burton staple, Helena Bonham Carter. Alice will be played by a young actress by the name of Mia Wasikowska, seen here taking a break on set in-costume.

Head on over to the USA Today article to see Carter and Hathaway along with some stunning zoomable and panable concept images of Wonderland featuring the White Rabbit, some flowers with faces and the Tweedle brothers!


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