The Jocelyn =)

Ahhh I just heard Ed Helms' voice on a commercial! That made my night!

Ahem, excuse me. I'm Jocelyn and I'm kind of a nerd. Aside from being a Political Science major at the University of Central Florida, I am a gamer and a musician. Well.. I wouldn't call me a musician, but I play a few instruments (bass guitar being my favorite). I'm the biggest Star Wars fan in the world!! As I stated previously, I'm a big time gamer. I worked at GameStop for over a year and half and I play all systems (handheld and consoles) and all game types. Obviously being a Political Science major, I am quite vocal when it comes to my political views.

I think those are all the passions I have. Oh, and the Office is the best show ever! Season 5 on DVD September 8!!!

And that's all you need to know about Jocelyn!

The Jedi