Tennant Who?

David Tennant is probably gonna do a Doctor Who movie even after he regenerates into the next guy. The Tenth Doctor, pictured here in his brainy specs, is arguably the best Doctor of them all. Tennant loves the part, and all Who fans love him in the part. So it's no surprise that even after he "dies" he would be called back into the TARDIS for a few more rides.

The rumor, reported at Airlock Alpha, goes that the BBC is looking seriously into making a few Who movies and David really wants to be in it, but will wait until he reads a solid script. This is not unheard of since the Doctor Who franchise has done stories in the past featuring past generations of the Doctor, what's new is making this type of story into a movie. It represents a whole new direction for the franchise. One for which I am particularly excited.

The origin of this rumor is an unnamed source speaking for the Daily Express, and has not been confirmed either by BBC or David Tennant, so keep your hopes low for now. But don't be surprised if in the future it is announced as fact!

In fact... I'm off to the future right now to confirm.

BRB *Hops in TARDIS*