It has taken a while for me to write a review for anything and I'd like to say that it's because I've been taking in the movies I've seen lately and really thinking about them in order to organize my thoughts enough for a review to be useful to you, the reader... but really it's just because I've been slacking.

That said, Up is a wonderful film! It's probably the first movie I've seen on opening day with my parents in a long time. And we all loved it. With this movie, Pixar is only further ingraining their name into the hearts of families everywhere in the tradition of classic Disney movies.

But what I really like about the direction in which Pixar is moving is that their movies truly are good for both kids and adults. Some of the thematic elements in Up would have got straight over a child's head if it weren't for the brilliant combination of animation and music to get the general point across without wrenching out the child's heart. But the adults who know exactly what the story is telling them will connect deeply with Carl Fredrickson, feel his pain, and understand his grumpiness. That's not to say the whole story is a tear-fest. Just a couple parts. And the rest is hilarious.

The pic I chose to represent this movie is one of the dog called Dug. He, along with a pack of other dogs, is fitted with a technological wonder of a collar that translates his thoughts into speech. They are the funniest part of the movie. It's clear that whoever was in charge of animating or writing dialog for the dogs were dog lovers. Just because they're able to speak and are trained well enough to pour wine (messily), doesn't mean they're anthropomorphic. They are dogs, and they, hilariously, do what dogs do.

The animation was beautiful, as is always the case with Pixar, but it never over-shadowed the beautiful, hilarious, heart-warming story, which is also always the case with Pixar.

I don't really have much more opinion to give. I could tell you the story as it is, but I don't want to give it away. I just really suggest you go see this movie wether you have children or not. It's a definite classic and will be one of the top movies this year.