Wilkin's Coffee

So I'm not entirely sure that you all haven't already seen these videos but I just saw some of them for the first time on Attack of the Show! and found them to be absolutely hilarious. It seems that Jim Henson was approached early in his career by a company named Wilkin's Coffee with an offer to create a series of 10 second advertisements. The ads starred Wilkins, and big supporter of Wilkin's Coffee, and Wontkins, who wasn't much of a fan of the brand. Each ad seems to begin with Wilkin's either offering some Wilkin's Coffee to Wontkin's or asking if he enjoys the product, and then viciously punishing him for his negative replies. The extreme violence coupled with the fact that they are essentially muppets is what makes the ads so funny.

The ads remind me of the first act of the Academy Award winning animated short, Rejected. The short film was of course made much more recently so perhaps there was some inspiration involved. Either way, if you enjoyed the ads you'll most likely enjoy Rejected too.