On Second Thought

In this issue of On Second Thought, I will readdress the issues that plagued Harry Potter. My innitial complaint with the movie was that it didn't give me a clear ending. There were several plots that seemed to revolve around a single story that, in the end, never resolved. After talking to a few people, I now realize what that resolution should have been. And it's right there in the title of the movie!

SPOILER ALERT! If for some odd reason you haven't seen or read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, read no further!

Very little attention was given to the fact that Harry had no idea who his potions book belonged to. It was noted in the margins of the book that it was the property of "The Half-Blood Prince," and although I still haven't read the book, I am told that VAST amounts of time are given to the mystery of who this Prince is, even leading the reader to believe that it may have been Tom Riddle aka Voldemort. This is is a great plot that in the movie they just blew right over! People are already expecting Harry to go darkside with all the similarities he holds with Voldemort, that he may possibly be using Voldemort's potions book is a frightening prospect.

In the movie they toss this mystery to the side as if it's unimportant. Oh it's interesting, but it doesn't really matter because LOOK! SOMEONE'S TRYING TO KILL DUMBLEDORE! No, in reality, this plotline would have given this movie the tension and closure it needed to win a perfect score in my book. In stead, they throw the mystery away when out of NOWHERE Snape says "I'm the Half-Blood Prince!" Great. Mystery solved. Whatever. Wasn't important anyway. Wasn't important because we spent NO time on it.

I critisize the movie for this, but in reality it was entertaining enough. I just wish they would have given us the mystery of the Half-Blood Prince to focus on instead of the mystery of wether Dumbledore will die... Which half the world already knows anyway. That's my second thought on the subject. What's your opinion?

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