Ok, now that I'm not drunk on NyQuil and can go for longer than 12 seconds without coughing, it behooves me to review the movie I saw two days ago. You forgive me for being a little late.

9 is the story of nine creatures waking up in a post-apocolyptic world and trying to survive as well as figure out what happened and who they are. It brings with it a message of risk taking wrapped in the merrits of questioning a cowardly authority bent on keeping things "safe" at all costs. This story holds very well right up until the end which kind of lost coherence for me. Right when you figure out what the purpose of these creatures is they seem to completely ignore it and go on a completely different (and, in my opinion, unsustainable) path.

Regardless of this, the rest of the movie is a good ride and the artistic work of the creature and set design alone is worth the price of admission. I would recommend this movie for anyone who is a fan of Tim Burton-style filmmaking. Watch it today before the Beast gets you!