Walking into Surrogates I had low hopes. I had not heard many good things about it, nor had I heard extremely bad things. As it turned out, the movie lived up to my expectations. It was pretty good, but ultimately forgettable.

Maybe it was the heavy-handed message about communication through technology, maybe it was one-dimensional main character, it could have been the predictable plot-twist or the lack of potential exploration, but Surrogates just doesn't stick out in my mind as something that will stand through the ages. Which is sad because I love James Cromwell (aka That Guy) and he had a pretty great part in this movie.

I'm not saying you'll be wasting your ticket money by going to see Surrogates. It still has some great action scenes, exciting chases, well-directed shots and a pretty viable storyline. You won't regret getting some entertainment out of seeing a young, perfect-looking Bruce Willis get torn to pieces. It just doesn't have much longevity beyond that. You might talk about it for a while after seeing it, but after a day or so you'll forget it.

Go see Surrogates if you're just looking for something to entertain your eyes. Citizen Kane, it is not.