The Astricast: Experiment 1

Today I experiment with podcasting. It's difficult to get a professional-sounding podcast together when you're not getting paid for any of this. Especially since I'd like to get more voices than just me and everyone is so frakkin busy. Nonetheless, in preparation for the day when this is possible, I'm going to mess around with a few experimental podcasts.

In Experiment 1 I talk about my visit to the theater and reflections on the similarities between Ninja Assassin and New Moon.  I know, right? You'll see. I also read an excerpt from Dark Matter, a short story that will be available in Project Universe as soon as I finish up the rest of the short stories in that anthology.

To subscribe to the podcast, enter "" into your podcasting program. (For iTunes, click the Advanced menu and select "Subscribe to Podcast...") But if you're not into that, you can listen to Experiment 1 here.