Heroes: Brother's Keeper

If someone came to me and asked me to rewrite this season of Heroes, I would keep "Brother's Keeper" just as it is and take episodes one through eight and turn them into a double-feature season opener, making "Brother's Keeper" the second episode of the season and squash what has otherwise been a boring, meandering season with a few points of light into an interesting two-parter setup for this awesome episode. But I won't confuse you with that. At least not intentionally.

In this episode we learn a lot. But at the same time, we go through a lot of action. Exposition is always best when delivered through action, methinks.

We learn, for one thing, what in the world has been up with Suresh! A couple episodes ago, we learn what Samuel had to do with Suresh not being around. In this one we flash back to the actual events leading up to that and how Hiro helped.

Nathan returns to office after "vacation." And Renee, the Haitian, comes by to tell him and Peter what's up with that, bringing Nathan's identity crisis to an all-time climax.

Tracy seeks out Mr. Bennett when she starts losing control of her powers and finds Claire, seemingly building an interesting relationship with her.

Most importantly: We find out who survived last week's shoot-out! After so many years of cheating death, did Sylar still live? Or has Parkman been rid of the haunting voice in his brain?

Also importantly, we find out what's really up with Samuel! We know his power, but we still aren't sure why he's bringing everyone together. In this episode, we delve into his past with Suresh's story and learn his motivation.

All of this information explodes onto the screen with a grade-A awesome-bomb. Go watch right now before I spoil it for you!