Why Slow and Steady Wins the Race in Social Media

A lot of the times, new business pop up and their owners are so excited about this new venture that they think they need to see quick growth on social media. This mindset may lead them to make some rash decisions such as buying followers or spending too much on ads. And it may look impressive to investors to have gained over 1,000 followers in under a month, but savvy investors know there's more to it than that. And the day-to-day consumer probably won't even pay attention.

Let's get this out of the way right at the front: Do not buy followers. No one knows for sure, but it's estimated that about 15% of social media accounts are bots. That's 15% of about 3 billion. So, if you had every bot on Twitter following you, it would bring your follower count up to about 450 million. Sounds impressive, right? It does right up until you realize that bots aren't buying your products or telling any real people about you. You could make the case that the high number of foll…

V: There Is No Normal Anymore

Episode 2 is pretty much a logical following of the first episode. Erica follows up the break-in at the warehouse with a deeper investigation while trying to juggle her knowledge of what's happening with her paranoia about who to trust. Father Landry shows just how naive he is by continuing to try and do the right thing without regard for the fact that anyone could be a Visitor. Chad, the anchorman, establishes some sort of dominance over the information he divulges about the Vs.  "There Is No Normal Anymore" slowly builds the plots and sub-plots established in the pilot. Nothing really new is learned (until the very end), but characters are better defined and motivations are a bit clearer.

This episode seems to have the feel of how the show will hit its stride. Paranoid, conspiratorial investigations not knowing who to trust, who's a Cylon Visitor. Power plays, hiding places, thrilling and paranoid investigations all seem to be standard V material now. And it's all intriguing. It all kept me at attention and the twist at the end leaves me begging for the next episode. I might even have to hook up my TV so I can watch it as it's being broadcast in stead of waiting until Saturday.

The serialized nature of most modern TV shows can alienate some people. Some are used to being able to hear the presentation and resolution of a story in one half-hour or hour-long segment. V along with other shows such as SGU and LOST, take the long way around, which makes it difficult to review a second episode in a season or especially a series. A lot of things are still being set up, a lot of characters are still being introduced to us and plots are still being unfolded. But with all this in mind, V still has my attention and I still love it.  Now on to spoilers...