Giving the Gift of Movies, TV and Awesome Stuff

Christmas gifts.
We talk about a lot of stuff at The Green Asterisk. Movies, TV shows, video games, all the stuff that you love. The problem is that it's tough to keep up with all this stuff and try to keep the bills paid at the same time. Well, just in time for Christmas (or whatever other politically correct holiday who's true themes you choose to ignore) we've opened The Astristore. Powered by Amazon, you can visit this site to check off your gift list and support your favorite blog at the same time. We've got the latest and best of Amazon's Video-on-Demand, DVDs, and Video Games for all consoles. If you were considering giving any of these things as a gift to a friend or loved one, why not buy it through our store and keep The Green Asterisk running? The link to the Astristore is available earlier in this post as well as on the left sidebar. Thanks for supporting the Green Asterisk!

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