...And Better All the Time

I know, I know, I'm changing the interface more than Rowsdower's litter. Just call me Facebook. But I decided the Green Asterisk needed a more unified social structure, so, while DISQUS is all well and good, I've gotten rid of it in favor of Google Friend Connect, which was connected to the blog already. This change may be a little bit more tricky to pick up than the previous enhancements, so I made a bit of an instructional video to show you what's up with that funny little blue bar down at the bottom which you can view after the break.

Watch live streaming video from lord_steve at livestream.com

Nifty? I think so. If you wander around the site you may see some other Friend Connect features pop out to your attention, so feel free to play around with it. You're definitely going to see more FC features in future blog posts, too. So, that's it! To sum up: Google Friend Connect is awesomeness. That is all.