This Makes My Brain Light Up

The San Diego Comic Con is now in full effect... and I'm not there. But there are a lot of people tweeting and blogging from the front lines. And what they see is full of awesome. The picture you see before you is the first ever look at Abin Sur from the upcoming Green Lantern movie. Pfft. He's all muscle.

I could take 'im.

Other news includes the Tron: Legacy footage being awesome, the Megamind panel being hilarious, the Scott Pilgrim panel being both and a WoW Cataclysm beta key to be handed out...

Here's an awesome picture of the Green Lantern in his suit...
This wasn't at Comic Con, but it's totally rad. That's right. I broke out the 80's slang. Ryan deserves it.

Here's a good quote from the Tron panel: "It's really a 4D film because Jeff Bridges brings a whole other dimension of awesomeness" -Michael Sheen. The Dude abides.

I feel like I should somehow relate this info dump to real life, but I'm really just excited about it all. It looks like just a cavalcade of random nerd alerts, and, really, it is, but look more closely... See... right there... That's the part of my brain that cares about stuff. The part of my brain that lights up like a Christmas tree when I get excited about a new movie or a new story or a new gadget.

What makes your brain light up?