How Social Media Saved the World

It cannot be understated that we are living through a history-making difficult time. Hundreds of thousands of people are falling victim to a global pandemic and everyone is else either staying home or acting brazenly stupid. It shouldn't be surprising, though, that one of the upshots of all of this is that there has been a rise in meme-making.

First defined by Richard Dawkins in 1976 as a cultural idea that takes on a life of its own and is passed down through generations much the same way that genes are, the word "meme" has itself taken on a life of its own to define pictures made and passed around on the Internet that often lampoon various aspects of life. I don't think I've seen any new memes in the past few days that weren't about the COVID-19 epidemic. But this isn't the first time a global catastrophe has been made fun of in what could be described as a "childish" fashion. In fact, one of the memes I've seen compared the uptick in Cor…

Gleecap: Season 2 Finale of Epic Proportions

(Before I start, I'd like to offer my apologies for those who missed my Gleecap last week. I wasn't feeling so well but I will be sure to mention "Funeral" in this article!)

Oh. My. Falchuk.

Glee closed out season 2 in an episode LOADED with epicness!

Our very own New Directions finally made it to Nationals and are competing in (of all places!) New York City!

This is perfect for Mr. Schuester because one of the main focuses of this episode was Will's indecision about whether or not to join April Rhodes in her Broadway musical.

Now the past few episodes of Glee have been focusing on a LOT of indecison amongst our favorite Glee club members. In "Funeral" (Fuinneral?) we saw the end of Quinn and Finn and the beginning of Finn's plan to get Rachel back and Rachel's own indecision about following her dreams or choosing between Jesse St. James and Finn.

The Brittany, Santana , Artie and Karofsky "love square" drama was pretty much left with Karofsky still closeted, Artie and Santana heartbroken and Brittany a new found single lady.

"Funeral" also brought us to tears and will now forever make Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory's "Pure Imagination" a song to grab the tissues for.

Now, I know that I did not see the death of Sue's sister, Jean (played by Robin Trocki) coming and I'm wondering if anyone else did.

It was like we forgot about her even though in my opinion, all of her appearances on Glee have been some of the best moments.

Sue's speech in "Funeral" and her reaction to Jean's death by kicking Becky off of the Cheerios gave us yet another glimpse into the heart of Sue (yes, she has one!) and I love when Glee does that because Jane Lynch is amazing and well deserving of the offer to host the Emmys. Good luck, Jane!

Also, Sue announces she won't be bothering Glee club anymore.

(But should we believe it?)

Meanwhile, in New York...

Will locks the kids in the hotel in the hopes that they will compose two new original songs for Nationals because well, yes, New Directions is apparently unprepared for the biggest competition of their lives thus far. *facepalm*

Artie and Brittany impressed me with their original song attempt called "My Cup". (I'm sorry, but those little silly original songs they come up with are hilarious!)

After realizing that HEL-LO they're in New York, the Glee club takes to the streets for inspiration against Mr. Shuester's orders and sing a mash-up of "I Love New York"/"New York, New York".

The only one who seems to be taking the song writing seriously is Rachel while the rest of the club just wants to have fun or rekindle romance.

Mr. Shuester goes to the set of "Crossrhodes" and performs a song from his new self titled album called "Still Got Tonight".

Later on, Finn gets an idea inspired by his fellow Glee club boys Sam, Puck, Artie and Mike to take Rachel on a "romantic comedy-esque" date in Central Park.

After a nice dinner where Rachel meets one of her Broadway idols, Patti Lupone, the boys serenade Rachel and Finn with "Bella Notte" from Lady and the Tramp but Rachel chooses her career dreams over him.

The next morning, Kurt wakes Rachel up so they can have breakfast outside of Tiffany's and after sneaking onto the set of Wicked and having a discussion about their dreams and making plans to go to New York after high school along with Blaine they sing "For Good" and for the first time I literally FLAILED while watching Glee. (I love Wicked and I LOVE when these two sing together!)

The big Nationals competition is drawing closer and Quinn has yet another mental breakdown (this poor girl is going to LOSE it next season...we'll find out why later!) but is rescued by Santana and Brittany who give her a rather adorable new haircut.

Later on Will runs into Dustin Goolsby (played by Cheyenne Jackson), Vocal Adrenaline coach. He knows about Will's plans to join Broadway and Will reveals to him how much he loves his kids.

Will returns to find the Glee club still unprepared and also aware of the fact that he may be leaving them. The entire Glee club is saddened but shows their support to Mr. Schue by telling him that they understand that he wants to pursue his dreams.

Will decides to stick with New Directions and (yay!) there's a Glee group hug led by Puckerman!

Can I just take a moment to say that I am in LOVE with the Crawford County Girls Choir? Their version of Usher's "Yeah" had me "OMG-ing" all over the place.

In the bathroom, Rachel runs into Sunshine Corazon (played by Youtube sensation, Charice) of Vocal Adrenaline and they have a heart to heart ending their rivalry when Rachel apologizes for the way she's treated Sunshine in the past revealing to her that it was out of jealousy and wishing her luck in her performance.

Sunshine and Vocal Adrenaline perform "As Long As You're There" (original Glee song) and Rachel and Sunshine give looks and thumbs up of encouragement to each other.

Before the curtain goes up for New Directions' performance Finn gives one last attempt to win Rachel back but she is adamant about her plans for returning to New York after graduation.

The two take the stage and perform an original song called "Pretending" that is absolutely PERFECT for them and their relationship.

Jesse is seen taking a seat next to Will because he just "couldn't stay away".
At the end of the song Finn shocks everyone and kisses Rachel and it is not well received according to the audience's reaction.

The club then performs "Light Up the World", another Glee original song, and we all anticipate the results of the competition.

Rachel and Finn talk about the kiss and Jesse informs Finn that it was "unprofessional" of him and that it will cost New Directions the competition.

The results are in and glee clubs all around are celebrating their places while New Directions is too nervous to look at the standings.

Will finally does and we see that New Directions is not even listed in the top ten. Once AGAIN, New Directions doesn't win a competition and we all cry again.

HOWEVER, Santana's reaction quickly dries our tears as she angrily tells Rachel and Finn (in Spanish and totally "Lima Heights style") how she feels about them losing.

The creators of Glee then BREAK the flail meter as Kurt and Blaine (Klaine!) are seen in a coffee shop and Kurt is recounting the events that occurred in New York to him.

Blaine remarks that Kurt doesn't seem upset about losing Nationals and Kurt responds with the attitude that there is always next year and at least he got to experience New York and perform there.

"I love you."

Wait. Wait. What!?

I'm sorry, I was just gleeking out on the floor.

After the "Kliss Heard 'Round the World" we didn't think Brad Fulchak (series co-creator) could make our Klaine shipper hearts stop again.
But he did.

Yes, Kurt and Blaine have uttered "I love yous" and we were so busy screaming and crying (in well...glee!) about it that we ALMOST missed Sam and Mercedes.

Yes, Glee foreshadowing NEVER STEERS US WRONG!

We knew it at prom we just needed the proof and now we have it as we see Sam and Mercedes holding hands and discussing whether or not Blaine and Kurt "know" about them.

NOW we see why Quinn may very well lose her mind next season.

EVERY guy she's with ends up with someone else and someone she feels she is WAY better than.

"Even Zisces hooks up", anyone?

Granted, she did end things with Sam for Finn but still. We've seen this girl in an unjustified emotional rage before and I don't think it's over, new haircut or not.

ALSO, what was WITH Mercedes' remark to them before leaving Klaine's table at the coffee shop?

"See you in class."

Did it look like Kurt and Blaine BOTH nodded in agreement???


*heart stops*

Just when we thought we couldn't handle THAT we have our Brittana moment.

Santana and Brittany again declare their love for each other but decide to just be friends and focus on themselves but still leave it open for the possibility of a relationship at a later time.

Then we see that Finnchel is indeed on because even though Rachel is sure of where life is taking her Finn feels they have a whole year to spend together before that happens.

McKinley High is proud of New Directions as we see a banner announcing their 12th place victory at Nationals and Will and the rest of the gang are bound and determined to win first place next year and season 2 ends.

*sadness fills*

Don't worry, Gleeks, I still plan on writing Glee related articles every Tuesday! There's the Glee Live Tour going on, Season 3 rumors to discuss and of course the release of the Glee Live 3D movie on August 12th! (I might even do some Glee-winds and talk about season 1.)

Stay Tuned!