For People Who Like Clothes

Wanna wear an asterisk on your chest? Or maybe your head? Cool! I can hook you up with some brand new merchandise from The Green Asterisk store! Click on the Store button to see a wide range of shirts and a couple of hats specifically for people like you: people who like clothes. There are even a few pajama options!

And you can still access all the DVDs and video games that Amazon has to offer through a link in the Astristore's sidebar.

Remember, every bit of money we make from these sales will go into giving you a more quality Green Asterisk experience. And, if I do say so myself, it's already pretty quality. So if you wanna see a Bright Shining Example of Quality, buy all the shirts! It's just like supporting your favorite band... except we don't do music... yet.

Edit: There's a maternity shirt that says "For women who like babies." You just can't pass that up.