Star Trek: Asterisk "Weekly Aftermath - The Squire of Galileo on Shore Leave"

Today, I've already been running around, trying to get some things done both on and off the ship, but there's something very important that I HAVE done - edit this week's podcast!

Join Steve and I as we go on an adventure into this week's episodes from The Original Series - "Shore Leave," "The Galileo Seven," and "The Squire of Gothos." And we know that we've been a little longwinded lately in the Aftermath, so we've actually cut it down a little this week. ...that's been mostly my bad. Sorry guys. I just get so excited about this podcast! This week's episode of which you can find right here.

Also, make sure you stay tuned here and to the #StarTrekAsterisk hashtag on Twitter for Steve's written reviews, which will be coming over the next couple of days, then come join us next Thursday at 6PM Eastern for the live show! We'd love to have you. Until then, enjoy the podcast!