Star Trek: Asterisk "Officer's Lounge - The Metamorphosis of Mudd's Catspaw"

Ladies and gentlemen, due to some miraculous engineering on my part, we've upgraded our warp engines and can crank this baby up to warp 9 - so we have this week's Officer's Lounge ready NOW!

This week, the Captain and I come across some old acquaintances in three episodes from The Original Series - "Catspaw", "I, Mudd", and "Metamorphosis". Fire up your transporter beams and lock them on here.

Stay tuned later this week for the Aftermath, along with Steve's written reviews. Plus, don't forget that Hailing Frequencies Are Open! Call us at 513-ASTRISK (278-7475) with all of your Star Trek questions, and we'll answer them on the show! Finally, don't forget to join us next (and every) Thursday at 6PM Eastern for the live show. Now beam those bits aboard and get to listening!