Star Trek: Asterisk "Officer's Lounge - The Paradise Children of the Gun"

*alarms blaring* Hold on! I've got it!! *hits a few buttons on a console and looks around as if he's waiting*

*alarms stop*

Sorry, you guys. During the post-show last Thursday, we discovered an antimatter leak. ...which led to a warp core breach. ...which caused Steve's mic cable to not work properly. Either way, we lost some of his audio during the live show, but that won't stop us from posting it!

This week, Steve and I got started with season 3 of The Original Series and a new triad of episodes: "Spectre of the Gun", "And The Children Shall Lead", and "The Paradise Syndrome". Review the surveillance data here.

Don't forget to read Steve's written reviews and stick around for the Aftermath, coming shortly. Also, HAILING FREQUENCIES ARE OPEN at (513) ASTRISK (278-7475). Finally, be sure to catch the live show this and every Thursday at 6PM Eastern. Now, let me go through the rest of this data... I'll be right back.