Star Trek: Asterisk "Officer's Lounge - BECAUSE YOU WISH IT"

Last week was a sad time for all Starfleet officers and cadets. Not only those aboard the Enterprise, but those serving all across the Alpha Quadrant. For we lost one of our own, the esteemed Mr. Spock. However, good news! We found him on this week's episode of Star Trek: Asterisk!

Join Steve and I as we continue our journey through the motion pictures with the second in a series of excellent films, The Search For Spock. Our tale of joyous exaltation can be found here.

Be sure to check out Steve's write-up of the film here, and stay tuned later for the Aftermath. Plus, remember that HAILING FREQUENCIES ARE OPEN at 513-ASTRISK (278-7475) for all of your Star Trek or STA questions and comments. Finally, be sure to join us this and every Thursday at 6PM Eastern for the live show. Now get ahold of yourself and get to it!