Star Trek: Asterisk "Weekly Aftermath - Setting Things In Motion"

And here we are, finally done with our tour. We hope you really like the new ship. ...because it won't last long. Hey, these things come and go. Literally. But before this particular one goes, we've got one more thing to hand over to you - a new episode of Star Trek: Asterisk!

This week, we began our trek through the movies, starting with the first one - The Motion Picture. Join us as we discuss... wait, no. Join us as we lament the movie and beg for something better. Our tale of woe can be found right here.

In case you haven't done so already, go check out Steve's review here. Oh, and the piece he did on the Enterprise? Solid gold. Plus, HAILING FREQUENCIES ARE OPEN at 513-ASTRISK (278-7475). Finally, join us this and every Thursday for the live show. Now I must attend to some business with the Captain.

He tasks me. He tasks me, and I shall have him.