Star Trek: Asterisk "Weekly Aftermath - Coming to the Glory Arsenal"

After much work this week, we've ironed out all the wrinkles and worked out all of the bugs. Star Trek: Asterisk is back and better than ever! In fact, let's go ahead and have an episode RIGHT NOW!

This week, join Steve and I as we continue our battle with season one of The Next Generation by way of three more episodes: "Coming of Age", "Heart of Glory", and "The Arsenal of Freedom". These can be yours if the price is right.

I took the liberty (or the task, rather) of posting the Officer's Lounge already, so you have plenty of support for your funny bone. Also, Steve's done his duty by posting his reviews of this week's episodes. As always, HAILING FREQUENCIES ARE OPEN at 513-ASTRISK (513-278-7475). Finally, we hope you'll join us this and every Friday night for the LIVE show! Stop by sometime!